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Hi there!

I'm an 


UX Designer. 

My name is Riley Porter. Certificate in UX/UI Design from University of Texas at Austin. I design for all users. Developing ideas from concepts to wire-frames to prototype into a final product. Recreational therapist with a demonstrated history of working with individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions. Recreating today’s designs to be more user-friendly for all especially those with mental and physical disabilities comes naturally.Turning complex problems into functional, innovative, and human-center designs.

I'm empatheic, curious, and a glass half full. People who know me well would say I am a patient levelheaded dreamer. When I am not working you can find me exploring a new city, having a picnic, or hanging out with my nephew. My happy place is anywhere surrounded by greenery or water.

I am searching for the right fit company that values: it's employeesdesign, and accessibility. In an ideal world, I would join a team of designers who use a broad crossfunctional team approach to problem solving. Has a company culture that thrives off of it's vibrant hard working professionals passion and genuine support for one another. Lastly, find a place where everyone is welcomed, valued equally, and safe. 

Connect with me on Linkedin below, I am always down for a virtual coffee date! 

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